Prescient Energy Corporation

Prescient Energy is an independent energy consulting firm specialized in electricity and natural gas procurement, price risk management, economic development incentives, energy efficiency planning, and distributed energy resources and microgrids.

Since 1998 Prescient, has provided energy consulting services to a diverse group of clients including: financial institutions, media companies, wholesale distributors, manufacturers, independent power producers, pipeline owners, energy service companies, solar project developers, building management system integrators and multi-family residential co-op boards.

Prescient integrates market intelligence, policy insights and advanced energy efficiency technologies with a detailed knowledge of federal, state, local and utility incentive programs to create significant, lasting value for our clients.

Jun 8 – Zone J DAM Avg:
NYC weather data (2023-06-08T07:51:00+00:00)
Temperature 13.3°C
Dew Point 7.2°C
Relative Humidity 66.54%
Absolute Humidity* 7.68g/m3
*Absolute humidity (expressed as grams of water vapor per cubic meter volume of air) is a measure of the actual amount of water vapor (moisture) in the air, regardless of the air's temperature.