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Prescient Energy assists two of New York City’s leading real estate developers to unlock the full solar energy production potential of a state-of-the art air freight logistics warehouse building in Queens.

New York, NY (September 16, 2015) - It started in 2011 with an invitation to a development team meeting to comment on plans for making a new air freight logistics building near JFK airport as energy efficient as possible. Measures for lighting, windows, insulation, motors and HVAC were presented. The experienced developers, John Phufas and Jim Ross, who share a commitment to energy efficient design and construction, wanted to hear from Prescient’s founder and President, William Zoha, if there were ways in which more value might be created for their project. "There isn’t a tall building for miles or tree in sight that will shade the roof from the sun. Make sure that your engineers design it to support the largest PV system possible. There will be complex interconnection, metering and permitting issues to navigate, but your project has the potential to be the largest producer of clean solar energy in Queens," explained Zoha. Converting a clean energy production idea into a successful 1,500 kW solar project would require an experienced, New York City-based solar developer. Prescient Energy introduced the principals of EnterSolar, Peyton Boswell and Paul Ahern, to Mr. Phufas and Mr. Ross.

Solar Initative Launch with John Phufas